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About Tianyuantech
For more than a decade, Beijing TianYuan Technology Corporation Ltd. (TianYuan Tech) has remained sharply focused on offering software and all-in-one services in thermal and electromagnetic analysis areas. This includes design, prototyping, testing, etc.
We are currently promoting the following products:
TianYuan Tech has established strong long-term relationships with the customers in variety fields such as automotive, medical, telecommunications, engineering, power and aerospace.

These clients are:

1.     Commercial customers:

Huawei, ZTE, GE, AT&T, Cisco, Lucent, HP, IBM, Intel, DELL, Apple, Sun, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, TRW Avionics, Chrysler, Allied Signal, Fuji Electric, Sony, 3Com, 3M, Sharp Corp., Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Lighting Corporation, Airbus Deutschland GmbH, EADS Deutschland GmbH, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, etc.

2.     Government companies:

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology(CALT), Chinese Academy of Science, Lenovo, Shanghai Aircraft Design And Research Institute, Flight Control Research Institute, Wuhan Ship Development & Design Institute, Kunming 211 Institute, Xi’an 205 Institute etc.

Our success is driven by the ability to quickly develop and deliver innovative, quality products focused on improving customer outcomes and offer technically advanced, simple and cost-effective solutions.  Our headquarters is located in Beijing, China and has branch offices in Shanghai and other major cities.